Looking back at SIGN2018 – A letter from the Director of „Humanitas Onder Dak“

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Dear friends of Humanitas Onder Dak,

Remember, last year the Social Inclusion Games Netherlands 2018 were held in Enschede. It was a great event in which more than 1700 international participants joined!

Humanitas Onder Dak ensured that the Social Inclusion Games Netherlands Foundation (SIGN) organized the games for the second time. How did it do that? By applying for a European subsidy within the framework of the Erasmus Plus Sport Program. SIGN2018 could not have been organized without this grant of just under € 500,000.

The entire subsidy process with the European Commission has now been completed and SIGN has received its report mark. 90 out of 100 points have been awarded! According to the European Commission jury: „The organization has been able to make a major impact on the lives of participants and everyone involved.“ This makes SIGN2018 as a whole a very good example for a sport event in which inclusion is central.

All reports show that it is worth investing in people in this way, based on a positive attitude with genuine interest in each other. It brings people together, removes differences between people and leads to real participation! I want to thank again all SIGN2018 neighbors, neighborhood residents, residents of Twente, 23 sports clubs, municipalities, province, 130 volunteers, the business community, 27 sponsors and more than 1700 participants with 35 nationalities experienced a fantastic week together.
To say it with a quote from a participant: „I felt like a person this week and did not think of all my worries, I was welcome as I am„.

In short SIGN2018 is an event to look back on with pride! We are happy to share this information with you, because it affects us and we hope it will inspire you to strive for Inclusion: full participation of all people in our society. Sport is a proven effective tool for this.

I would like to invite you to take note of the great results of SIGN2018 mentioned and to visit the SIGN2018 website again (www.sign2018.eu). Who knows, maybe we will see each other in Berlin, where the next Social Inclusion Games will be organized. Keep an eye on the SIGN2018 website!


Bert Deliën,
Director of Humanitas Onder Dak

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